Battle of Laurel Hill Reenactment
Is Part of a Long Tradition

Cannon Smoke At Laurel Hill

From a photo by Lars Byrne 2005

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No photos submitted for the 2010 Reenactment. Pre-event material HERE

Photos from the 2009 Reenactment: HERE

The 2009 Reenactment Information page: HERE 

Photos from the 2008 Reenactment: HERE

General information on the 2008 event: HERE.

Past Laurel Hill Reenactments

A Photo Gallery:

The 2007 Reenactment

After Action Report:

The 2006 Reenactment

A Combined Review:

The 2005 Reenactment

A Pictorial Review:

The 2004 Reenactment

Contributions for developing and maintaining our location can be sent to:

Friends of Laurel Hill Battlefield
P.O.Box 342
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Contacts: Lynne Snyder 304-823-3327

Sis Mae McLean 304 823 3081
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