2004 Reenactment (July 9 through July 11)

The pictures below were contributed to the website courtesy of Douglas Letteer of Beaver, WV. They were taken at the 2004 Battle of Laurel Hill Reenactment. Unfortunately, we didn't get any captions or explanations with them! If you have information about the pictures, have questions, comments, or some text about that particular reenactment to contribute, or just would like more information about upcoming Battle of  Laurel Hill events, contact Lynne Snyder at (304)-823-3327 or Kathy Hart at 304-823-2557 or write to: Battle of Laurel Hill, PO Box 921, Belington, WV 26250. E-Mail: linalou@countryroadswv.com

With the New Tygart Flyer train at Belington Station (above)

Conductor Byrne a Casualty of the Train Raid

Conductor Byrne became a casualty defending his train