2004 Reenactment will be
Friday, July 9 through Sunday, July 11

Registration Information

Registration by Invitation Only!

There is no registration fee for reenactors. You will receive the usual ammenities, such as powder, firewood, water, & hay. You will also receive a food ration on Saturday. We do ask for a small $3.00 donation to offset the cost of food. Pre-registered artillery will receive a keg of powder per gun. All pre-registered mounted cavalry will receive a $10 bounty per horse.

We are not asking for a registration fee from sutlers, we will accept a donation if you feel inclined. If you are coming to set-up, please pre-register. You will receive the same ammenities as the reenactors. Please note that there is a Cotillion Ball on Sat. night. No admission charged.

If you have questions or comments, or would like more information contact Lynne Snyder at (304)-823-3327 or Kathy Hart at 304-823-2557 or write to: Battle of Laurel Hill, PO Box 921, Belington, WV 26250. E-Mail: linalou@countryroadswv.com

Hope to see you for the 2004 reenactment!

2004 Schedule

Friday, July 9, 2004
Noon-Midnight: Registration for Reenactors
7:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies
8:00 PM: Lads and Lassies Pageant

Saturday, July 10th, 2004
7:00 AM: Reveille
8:00 AM: Commanders Meeting
9:00 AM: Tactical
2:30 PM: Parade
3:30 PM: Train Robbery
6:00 PM: Camps closed to the Public
8:00-10:00 PM: Cotillion Ball

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

7:00 AM: Reveille
8:00 AM: Tactical
10:00 AM: Period Church Service
11:00 AM: Entertainment
Noon: Memorial Service

1:30 PM: Battle of Laurel Hill  
(Schedule subject to change. Check back)
Following Battle: Break Camps